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Forum » Forums » Guidelines and punishments Locked
Joined: 4th Apr 2019
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5th Apr 2019

Remember any extreme aggravation of offences can become a bannable offence.

RDM : warn + 300 second jail
Crossfire is considered as RDM
Killboxing is also considered RDM
RDMx2 : warn + 600 second jail

RDMx3 (Mass RDM) : 1 week ban
Don’t forget that Mass RDM can be stacked up to 4 times. Don’t let it get this far. The 5th time and you will be perma banned.

Failure to Advert/Wait Advert Cool Down/FailRP : 1 warn + 240 second jail + 60 seconds per kill

Advert cool downs:
Raid: 20 minutes for the same base/10 for a different base
Mugging: 5 minutes between each mug
Revolting: 20 minutes between each revolt
PD Raid: 20 minutes between PD Raids
Terror: 10 minutes between terrors
Warns: 3 seconds between warns

NLR : warn + 240 second jail + 60 seconds per kill
Remember NLR only applies in raids.

RDA : warn + 300 second jail

RDAx2 : warn + 600 second jail
At this point the player would be demoted from their job. Open console and type rp_citizen {name}.

RDAx3 (Mass RDA) : 1 week ban
Mass RDA will not be tolerated, and can be stacked as well. Although, Mass RDA can not be stacked more than 3 times. If exceeded you will receive a perma ban.

Prop Abuse : warn < kick < 3 day ban
This includes, but it not limited to: prop spam, prop push, prop climb, or prop surf.
If any form of the prop abuse listed above is used to crash the server it is an INSTANT PERMA BAN .

Prop Block : warn < kick < 3 day ban
If spawn is being propblocked it is an instant perma ban. No exceptions.
If spawn is body blocked with intentions of mining, it will be the same punishments as prop block.

FDA : verbal warning < warn < kick < 1 day ban
FDA is only punishable when you are using keybinds in an RP situation to get the upper hand. (Raids)

Exploiting can be anything from a 1 WEEK BAN to a PERMA BAN .

Racism : Mute/Gag for 5 minutes < 1 day ban < 1 week ban
Racism is not tolerated and can lead to a perma ban if you’re not careful.
Text screens are included.

Hacking server/players : PERMA BAN
This includes, but is not limited to: DDOS, DOX, extreme harassment using confidential information, or any sort of script.

Harassment : verbal warning < warn < kick < 1 day ban
This would be considered targeting players.

LTAP : 3 day ban
This punishment can be added to anything.

Minging : warn < kick < 1 day ban < 1 week ban

Minging can be by any player. Basically, when a player has no intent to roleplay, and is just an annoyance to the players and server.

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Forum » Forums » Guidelines and punishments Locked
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