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General Rules
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Joined: 4th Apr 2019
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4th Apr 2019

For continued rules use this link: ... /continued-rules-pyq
Section 1

  1. Be respectful to any and all players. Staff or not. In character or out of character.
  2. Do NOT threaten to harm the server or other players in the server. This includes releasing personal information about anyone. If any confidential information is spread notify any higher up immediately and the situation will be handled accordingly. These actions will be taken seriously and result in a perma ban. (DDOS/DOXING/EXTREME HARASSMENT)
  3. Do NOT complain about punishments from staff members in OOC. What staff say is final, but if you do have a complaint, do not be afraid to take it to the forums. If necessary, further actions will be taken.
  4. Do NOT use any sort of scripts making an unfair advantage. (Hacking/Bhops/ ect.)
  5. No PG-13+ sprays. Pornographic sprays may result in immediate perma ban.
  6. Do NOT spam. (Mic/Prop/Chat/ect.)
  7. Do NOT prop spam, prop push, prop climb, or prop surf. Any of these forms of abuse will be taken seriously and could result in a ban.
  8. Do NOT spawn large props.
  9. Do NOT scam players from the server. This could be anything from prize money in game, or scamming through paypal, and not receiving an item that has been paid for. Anything of this sort will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.
  10. Do NOT dupe ANYTHING! (Money/Weapons) Exploiting will be taken seriously, and will be anything from a 1 week ban to a perma ban. (This includes loopholes as well.)
  11. Absolutely no racism will be tolerated on the server if using chat to be racist (Nazi Propaganda, Saying the N-Word in any variation, Etc.) You will be Muted/Gagged and will receive a warning. If continued you will be banned for a week due to Excessive racism.
  12. DO NOT RDM!
  13. Do NOT bring personal arguments to OOC. End of story.
  14. Do not forget staff has final say in any rule interpretations; including rules not explicitly stated on this page.

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Forum » Forums » Rules Locked
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